We always love hearing from our puppy parents as well as remembering the time we shared with each puppy. Here are some reviews from our proud puppy parents and also some pictures to enjoy.



Haymitch is our little sweetheart. He is almost housebroken. He sits, he stays and he lies down and we walk him without a leash but he stays close… Of course we are thrilled with our boy, and really grateful to you for all you did in helping us find our perfect boy. ~ Caryn

He’s our little sweetheart.

A couple of days ago, we brought home the most beautiful sweet little powderpuff….the color of a fluffy cotton ball…a precious black button nose…sweet, inquisitive, beautiful eyes finding everything exciting and new!  “Sweet Lucky Lacie” you have stolen our hearts!!!!

We can not say enough good things about English Pearls!!!!! Jubilena and her family are clearly devoted in breeding beautiful English Golden Retrievers.  She is so vested in the puppies emotionally and keeps constant welcomed contact with all of her puppy families.  Their dedication and pride was so evident they had for the dogs and puppies with their health and wellness.
We loved meeting the dad Chester and mom Bonnie when we came to visit the puppies…talking about beautiful personalities!!!!!  They were simply georgous with the most amazing temperaments! It was not only such an exciting moment, but Jubilena made every step of the way welcoming and delightful.  I cannot speak highly enough about them!!!!
Thank you Jubilena for our beautiful new addition to our family…the “Edelweiss Puppy” Lacie!!!!!!! We are blessed to have her and to have met such a wonderful family that helped bring her into this world. We so love our English Pearl puppy….she is simply amazing!!!!!
The Durrang Family
We so love our English Pearl puppy….she is simply amazing!
I cannot even begin to express how blessed I am to have Murphy in my life. He is THE MOST loved and spoiled boy. He comes to work with me every day where he hangs out with all his other dog & people friends (I swear he has more friends than I do!). He is the most loyal and loving dog I could’ve ever asked for. He continues to keep up on his training – his new tricks include turning on and off lights, pushing push plates, and tugging open doors! He is so full of personality – he provides me with endless laughter and constant entertainment and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Everywhere I go, Murphy is right by my side. I cannot thank you guys enough for allowing me to welcome Murphy into my life.
~Amy & Murphy
He is THE MOST loved and spoiled boy